My current research


‘What encourages us and what delays us in seeking help for obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)?  An investigation by a researcher with personal experience of OCD’.

Huge thanks to the 101 people with experience of OCD, the 29 people with experience of depression and the 30 people with experience of neither who very kindly completed a pack of questionnaires.

I have analysed the sections of the pack concerned with barriers and enablers to seeking help, our attitudes to seeking help, and participants’ responses to the fact that the researcher had personal experience of OCD.  These sections have been written up as a thesis with the above title.  I am now at the editing stage!

18 March 2017


Questionnaire study: “Seeking help and receiving appropriate treatment for OCD”

At present I am conducting a programme of research entitled, ‘Seeking help and receiving appropriate treatment for OCD’. My supervisor is Prof Paul Salkovskis. We were very grateful to receive funding for the programme from South London and Maudsley (SLaM) Charitable Funds.

The first part of the programme was a questionnaire which sought to identify the factors which encourage or push people to seek help for their OCD, and the barriers to seeking treatment. It was also looking at whether people receive appropriate treatment when they do seek help. It was open to people who have already sought help, and people who have never sought help for their OCD.

The study involved completing quite a hefty pack of questionnaires. It started at the beginning of 2012 and in 2014 I stopped seeking further participants for this study. I have been very moved by people offering to help. Thanks ever so much to the 100 people who have kindly taken part so far. I am just at the beginning of a preliminary analysis and know already that your responses will be enormously valuable for the research. I believe a few other people who currently have packs at home may also be returning them.

24 April 2015


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