Video: My research on OCD

A.Gormley - beach 2


Video: ‘Understanding and Treating Anxiety Disorders’  (about 15 minutes)

My contribution: ‘Research on OCD: from a personal experience perspective’  (about 5 minutes)

This video was produced in 2012.  Prof Paul Salkovskis, my research supervisor, was approached about the possibility of making a video about the work of the Clinical Psychology Research and Training Group at the University of Bath.  Paul agreed and asked if I’d like to contribute.

Paul talks about the development of cognitive behavioural treatments for Panic Disorder, OCD and Health Anxiety.  In the middle of the video I talk about my research, ‘Research on OCD: from a personal experience perspective’.  My contribution starts about 5 minutes into the video.

Many thanks to the filmmaker, for all his time listening and discussing as we worked out what we’d like to go into the video.  It was a challenge trying to find appropriate images for a video on anxiety.  I wondered whether we could use images of Antony Gormley’s statues … I find them so evocative of what it means to be human … and the filmmaker developed this idea and brought it to life as a theme running throughout the video.


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